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Partnership with God’s servant, Bishop Josef Bassey is about being part of something BIGGER than yourself and reaching far beyond your personal sphere of influence, so much so that you are impacting people all over the world.

When you chose to be a partner, you are partnering with an assignment to take the uncompromised Word of God all over the world; teaching believers how to walk in their authority as children of God, manifest excellence in their every endeavor thereby experiencing days of Heaven on the earth. Now, whether you’re out on the front lines preaching the gospel or supporting the one who is, it’s no different in God’s eyes. God knows that one is no good without the other so He sees your part in this ministry as being vitally important. You are a soldier in the army of God and you are on a mission to occupy, exercise rulership, establish and expand God’s kingdom on the earth until Jesus returns; do not take your partnership commitment lightly. You have an important part to play and if you don’t play that part it might cost someone across the globe an opportunity to hear the undiluted Word of God and of having their life changed forever.
Partnership is about you faithfully sowing finances at any amount into Bishop Josef Bassey ministries that will be used to drive soul winning efforts around the world on your behalf. Through your partnership, you share in the reward of every soul won and every life changed.

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