Miracles are not the random acts of an erratic God; they are deliberate acts of God provoked by the deliberate faith of men. Faith is always a certainty not a probability. You must have it settled in that God can sort you out, no matter the magnitude of the issue you are confronted with.

By stepping into Gloryland or by choosing to join us online on these ordained dates with destiny, you are demonstrating you faith in God and one thing is sure – you cannot escape being blessed.

As you come, have it clear in your heart that your faith is all it takes. One anointed word from the Altar of God can change any ugly story permanently.

You are marked for an encounter of a lifetime. You won’t miss God!


The first three days of the month

Without Fresh Power, there can be no fresh exploits. The first three (3) days of every month have been divinely designed to enforce dramatic and enviable breakthroughs in every area of your life. In Fresh Power Summits, everything you need for a practical turn-around in your life is delivered to you from heaven.

As you diligently attend the Summit, define your expectations, wait on God in Prayer and Fasting during the 3-day period of the event and be ready for tangible and extra-ordinary change of story encounters.


Every 1st Day of the month

According to God’s Covenant with His Servant, you are not permitted to have a better yesterday, a better last month or a better last year. A new month means the beginning of new things. And so, you cannot step into a new month casually, you must secure your portion of blessings first and eliminate every roadblock. The first day of every month is your appointed day of visitation.

By the anointing, you are supernaturally endowed for greater exploits in the new month. Look at this testimony.
A young man whose business was under satanic siege for more than 2 (two) years was invited to Fresh Oil. The highest he sold in a day was N50.00 (fifty naira). He took the anointing oil blessed by God’s Servant and anointed his shop. That very day, the anointing destroyed the yoke and a charm that was kept in his shop was miraculously exposed. From that moment, he had an overflow of sales he has not seen for more than 2 (two) years.
Fresh Oil… Forcing new things to happen.


Every 2nd Friday of the month

Nothing in the world delivers results like God. Night of Dancing is a night for the raw manifestation of the power of God. Multiple deliverances from captivities and satanic bondages happen on this night. There is no case that escapes the power of God in Night of Dancing. Too many oppressed and battered by the devil have been set free –

Mrs. Sebastian was struck by the devil with severe waist pain for more than 20 years. She danced and the demon checked out of her body.

Mrs. Chidimma shared this encounter – My son had restless nights for a long time. He was unable to sleep at night. The problem was not diagnosed, we were totally helpless. We prayed earnestly for God’s intervention and during NIGHT OF DANCING, a word of knowledge came from the mouth of God’s Servant. He said, “There is a woman here with a child who has not been sleeping at night, bring that child here.” I ran out and he ministered to my son. From that day up till this moment, the restlessness ceased and he has been sleeping peacefully.


Every Thursday

Every Thursday, there is an encounter that awaits you in Gloryland as you partake in the Communion Service. It is called the Cup of Blessing, your access to abundant life, the seal of the perfection of your liberty in Christ.
Here is a practical case of the power of the Communion delivering total victory over satanic affliction –

Sis. Divine came into the Commission few years back but before she did, the devil had tormented her life a great deal. She had this cycle of sickness that afflicted her every month. Taking medication was part of her everyday life. it got to a point that she was expecting the sickness to come. But there is nothing the power of God cannot handle. She joined the Commission and started partaking of the Communion. That was the end of that cycle of affliction. God made a mess of the devil and cut off his hands from that precious life.

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