Grow In Faith 1

And the apostles said unto the Lord, Increase our faith.

Luke 17:5 

“What you see per time in the school of exploits is what your faith level can command.”

Your challenge is not that of unanswered prayers, it is that you have not made efforts at growing your faith. I came to let you know today that your faith should ever be increasing. Little wonder the apostles cried to JESUS, “…Lord, increase our faith.” All through Scriptures, it is apparent that faith is in levels and in degrees. We have for instance, the mustard seed faith, little faith, great faith..etc but you see, until you grow in faith, there are things appointed for you that you will never see or handle, battles you will never be able to win, territories you will never be able to conquer, breakthroughs you will not be able to see, not because God is not with you but because you have not grown in faith.

There is no automated means of growing in faith, hands cannot be laid on you for you to have faith or grow in it, you simply must have to exercise yourself into it. The Bible says in Romans, “Faith cometh by hearing….” It is impossible to grow in faith without studying the Word, this is what builds you up. Every time you pay attention to the Word, your faith gets built up. Faith happens in the heart, though it comes by hearing; this is why the Bible says, “With the heart, man believes.”

Do not be deceived, the size of your faith determines the size of your exploits and greatness. You will never be able to access the level of victory that is above the size of your faith. When David took on the bear and the lion, he had faith for it, his faith level was on top of it. So it was, when he conquered Goliath. It was not his skill in the use of catapults that got him the victory, it was that he had the faith required to conquer him. You heard him say, “…Let no man’s heart fail…”; friend, that was faith talking. David was a giant of faith, everybody’s faith in the land had failed in confronting Goliath including King Saul’s except for the faith of David. David, though small physically, was a giant of faith, meanwhile Saul, though tall, was a dwarf in the school of faith who could not defeat Goliath.

Ponder Point

  • We can then say at the end of the day, that your faith size is your true size. It is your faith size that determines what you can conquer or subdue. Every success you will ever know in the kingdom, answers to your faith level. Therefore friend, grow your faith.


  • JESUS, my Saviour and Lord, I cry unto You today, increase my faith.
  • I receive the grace to study the Word and every requisite material I need to grow my faith, in the Name of JESUS.
  • My Father, make me a man of the Word that I might grow my faith, in the Name of JESUS.
  • Every arrow fired to quench my faith, return to your sender, in the Name of JESUS.




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