Lovest Thou Me More Than These? (1)

As the Father hath loved me, so have I loved you: continue ye in my love.

JOHN 15:9

“When your heart is not increasingly panting after JESUS, check it, something is wrong.”

The biggest problem of believers in our day is not economic depression, neither is it the fallen standards that are prevalent in our society, nor the problems plaguing our world today. The greatest problem of believers in our generation is lack of love for JESUS or better still, continuing in the love that we once had for JESUS.

We often find that some believers begin their journey with the Lord so passionately and intensely in love with Him but somewhere along the lines, they lose the capacity to continue in their love for Him.

We see Peter, having denied the Master and repented sorrowfully, thereafter expressed his desire for fishing to the other disciples – John 21:3. Do not forget that JESUS told this same Peter to strengthen his brethren after he is converted, yet we find the “strengthener” abandon his core assignment for fishing. Little wonder JESUS asked him; “Simon son of Jonas, lovest thou me more than these?”John 21:15. Friend, we have got to turn our hearts to JESUS in a deep and lasting Love Relationship. We must come back to that place where JESUS becomes the focus of our hearts not denomination, not title, not name, not fame, but our undying love for HIM.

Listen saint,

l When you love Him, you will be faithful to your assignment and all He has called you to do.

l When you love Him, you will not fail to preach the gospel and share JESUS with someone everyday as you go about your daily routines. I have come to know that our struggle in the place of evangelism is a function of our lack of love for JESUS.

l When we love Him, there are certain things we will never get ourselves involved with because of the constraint the love of Christ has placed upon us. The love of Christ forever constrains His people – 2 Corinthians 5:14.

l When you love JESUS, you will count it a privilege to suffer anything for His Name sake.

Just Do It

To fire up your love for JESUS…

  • Take a deliberate but personal decision to love and live for JESUS and Him alone for the rest of your days – Romans 8:35.
  • Keep His commandments 1John 5:3.


  • Lord JESUS, kindle fresh love for You upon my heart everyday for the rest of my life, in the Name of JESUS.
  • I silence the cares of this world choking the love of JESUS out of my heart, in the Name of JESUS.





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