Seek The Honour That God Alone Gives (1)

For he received from God the Father honour and glory, when there came such a voice to him from the excellent glory, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.

2 PETER 1:17

“When God honours a man, no man can successfully dishonour him.”

The honour from God is all it takes to change any man’s story. There are no extra ordinary men, every extra ordinary man you find out there was an ordinary man that the extraordinary God chose to honour. Honouring God is your access to honour, it is the game changer that makes celebrities out of nonentities. Friend, no one honours God and goes down. I want you to know today that God is the Source of real, authentic honour.

Honour is our birthright by redemption. In Revelation 5:12, JESUS received honour for you. Being joint-heirs with Christ, whatever He received, He received for the saints. He did not receive honour for Himself, He received it for the redeemed so they can bask in honour.

What does it mean to be honoured?

  • It is to be highly prized and valued.
  • It is to be celebrated and held in high esteem.

The truth is, when God honours you, you are honoured. The honour of God is generational, when God honours you, your lineage and generations unborn after you will enjoy it. Look at this, God honoured Abraham, many years have come and gone yet, we are still enjoying the dividends of that honour.

God honoured David, generations later, JESUS came from that root and till today, we are forever blessed because of the gift of JESUS to us. The Father loves JESUS and He honoured Him; it has been 2,000 years, JESUS is seated at the right hand of God in Heaven, yet, there is no name so highly honoured on earth like the Name of JESUS.

Just Do It

  • Make honouring God your topmost priority. 1Samuel 2:30b
  • Cry to God, the Source of honour to honour you.


  • My Father, as I take a decision to always honour You from today, let Your hand of honour come upon every aspect of my life from this day forward in the Name of JESUS.
  • Spirit of the Living God, help me to always honour the Father in every step I take from today in the Name of JESUS.




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