The Business of the Day

For I came down from heaven, not to do mine own will, but the will of him that sent me.

JOHN 6:3

“Getting to your destination will be impossible until you learn to pay zero attention to the things that do not matter.”

A typical meeting has an agenda in which different activities are outlined – from the opening prayer to reading of previous minutes and so on. All of these activities are by the way, there is usually the main reason for the meeting, why the meeting was convened in the first place; it is called “Business of the Day”. This is when the main issues are being deliberated upon. Every other thing can be left untouched but the Business of the Day must be dealt with for the meeting to achieve its purpose.

Even so it is in life; there is the real purpose for your existence, it is the Business of the Day. There are things that you get yourself involved in that do not really count; they are classified as Matters Arising or Reading of Previous Minutes. They are part of the agenda of your life but none of them constitute the main reason why you are on earth. Let’s go down memory lane, back to the days when you were in secondary school. There were different clubs in school – Debaters’ Club, Science Club, etc.

Maybe you were the number one debater for the school, or you were into sports, or you were the school prefect and so you got very busy with all of these activities. The truth is, the purpose of going to school was not any of these, what was crucial when you left school was the number of credit passes you had in the final examination. Was your mind transformed? Did you actually receive an education? The other activities you got involved in are called extra-curricular activities; they do not constitute the Business of the Day. The Business of the Dayis the transformation of your mind. There is no job you will get for being the school prefect. It is even possible that the reason you had an ‘F’ was because you allowed the extra-curricular activities to distract you; they got into your head.

There are many things that do not count, which will not add up at the end of the day. The day you stand before your Maker, they won`t matter at all. May you not be one of those who will tell stories, meanwhile you would have blown it big on this side of Jordan. Let me remind you before you forget: this is your life, it is not a rehearsal and you have only one shot to make it count. It is time to get more focused on the path of purpose and make your destiny happen. Receive grace to run, in the Name of JESUS.

Just Do It

  • You need to consciously work on changing your mindset. A lot of people get deceived that time is on their side and so they try to accommodate the things that do not count. They invest more time in frivolities and have not learned how to place value on time and opportunities. If you have found yourself on this web, you need to make a quick readjustment and it begins with your mind. Train your mind to focus on the Business of the Day on a daily basis.


  • My Father, lead me daily on the path I should follow for the unveiling of my Divine destiny.
  • Help me Lord, to stay focused on the purpose which I was created to fulfill, in the Name of JESUS.



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