The Cure For Unfruitfulness 1

For I will pour water upon him that is thirsty, and floods upon the dry ground: I will pour my spirit upon thy seed, and my blessing upon thine offspring:

Isaiah 44:3

“The reason why people are struggling and experiencing hardship in the house of joy is because of the absence of the Outpouring.”

It does not matter what it has been, you can have explosive fruitfulness whether in your career, business, marriage, etc. Understand that the last day believer is destined to see explosive results and fruitfulness. If this is so, why then are some of God’s precious people not seeing their desired harvest? Why are many in Church still struggling today? The answer is simple, the Outpouring of the Spirit is missing. Explosive fruitfulness in all endeavour of life forever answers to the Outpouring of the Spirit – Isaiah 32:15. 

  • It takes the rain of the Spirit for any field to produce results.
  • It takes the rain of the Spirit for your Christian life to be fruitful.
  • It takes the rain of the Spirit for you to flow in the fruits of the spirit, which on its own are signs of Christian maturity and development.

When the rain of the spirit overtakes your seed, explosive multiplication cannot but take place. In our text today, God says, “I will pour my spirit upon thy seed,” the question is, why does my seed need His Spirit? It is because it takes His Spirit for my seed to produce.

JESUS came and planted seeds of ministry for three and a half years. The harvest did not quite come until the Outpouring of the Spirit came. Little wonder He told the disciples to tarry and not do a thing until the Holy Ghost comes upon them. The disciples were the seeds of JESUS and the warning He gave as He was ascending into Heaven was that they should wait until the Outpouring comes. And it made all the difference because, before the Outpouring, they were unknown, timid and void of impact but when the Holy Ghost came upon them, they were manifesting everywhere like loose cannons, they took cities over and set places on fire. These men turned the world upside down and all these could only have happened because the Outpouring came upon them. Nothing terminates unfruitfulness, barrenness and dryness like the Outpouring, go for it.

Just Do It

  • Desire the Outpouring desperately and cry to God for it.
  • Learn the art of waiting for the Outpouring.


  • Oh God, let the rain of Your Spirit overtake every aspect of my life from today, in the Name of JESUS.
  • My Father and My God, give me the virtue of patience after I have prayed to wait for the Outpouring to overtake my seeds and endeavours, in the Name of JESUS.




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