The Forces of the Past

And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.


“Anyone who won’t leave the past, will lose in the battle of destiny.”

One of the forces that has crippled billions of destinies all over the world from generation to generation, is what I call the force of your past. It has made many to die untimely death, even while they are yet breathing. It has caused stagnation in a lot of lives; frustrations, limitations, depression, setbacks, hardships. The force of the past has made destined global champions to die as failures. Some of them at best they die as local champions.

If there is one prayer point you must never cease to pray for the rest of the months of this year, it is the prayer of deliverance from the forces of your past. Why should you pray after this manner? Why should this be your earnest heart cry? Because the forces of the past often show up when you are about to make progress. The forces of the past show up when you about to ascend your throne. The forces of the past show up when you are aiming high for the top. The forces of the past show up when you are on your way to the next phase of destiny. The forces of the past show up when you are about to scale that hurdle.

Anyone that will not leave the past, will lose his life – Genesis 19:17. When we talk about losing your life, it is not necessarily a physical death; it is that your destiny is dead; your future is dead; you have stopped to exist. That means from that time on, your story can only be about your yesterday. There are too many yesterday people. How do you know a yesterday man? All he has to say is about yesterday; the good old days, who he was; who his grandfather was. But currently, he has nothing to show. In this second half of 2023, that will not be your story, in the Mighty Name of JESUS.

Right there in verse 26 of our main Scripture reference, a disaster happened to Lot’s wife; she turned into a pillar of salt because she disobeyed an instruction from the Lord. The question is, why did she look back? She knew what was at stake. She was told the consequences; she knew that her life will go. The forces of her past called her, at first she ignored it but it got so strong that finally, she turned to answer, and that is where she signed out on destiny’s time book. When the forces of her past called her, she was running for her life, she was aiming for her destiny, she was going for her throne. In the months and years ahead of you, the forces of the past will come calling – past achievements, past failures, past disappointments, missed opportunities, lost blessings, etc. May you never answer the call to your past; the call to yesterday. And if you have answered the call already, it is time to cry for God’s mercy.

Ponder Point

  • The forces of the past can be so strong that it can make even the wise act foolishly. The forces of the past can be so strong that you can know exactly what to do and yet you refuse to do it; you cannot do it.


  1. Oh God, as I open my mouth to pray, let my release from the bondage of the past happen by fire.
  2. Lay your hands on your head and declare – From today, I refuse to go back to my past; I refuse to answer any call to yesterday.




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