The Purpose of Work

He that tilleth his land shall have plenty of bread: but he that followeth after vain persons shall have poverty enough.


“The work you do makes you relevant and useful to your world.”

The work you do is a platform through which you give expression to your life, expression to your worth and expression to your content. What you are doing is a channel God is using to put food on your table.

A lot of individuals complain about the work they do. They go to bed complaining about it. When they wake up in the morning, they complain. On their way to work, they complain. Eventually when they get to the office, they still complain. The truth is the problem is not their job, the main issue is their lack of understanding about the purpose of the work they do which has affected their attitude towards the job. When you operate in this manner, you have missed it; that work cannot be a blessing to you, it becomes a curse. Why? Because a curse makes you sweat.

Understand this – As someone on this planet, you are useless without work. The work you do makes you relevant and useful to your world; it is a part of master plan for your destiny fulfillment. It therefore means that when you have no work, you cease to exist. People identify you with what you do, so if you are doing nothing, you are of no value to your world because the value of anyone is defined by the person’s work.

After graduating from the higher institution, the status of any graduate who is unemployed is ‘Applicant’. For months that sometimes turn into years, they go about job hunting. Some persons end up with lucrative jobs while others engage in menial jobs until they get something better. Why do people look for work and can even go as far as accepting to do anything? It is because work gives you worth. Don’t see what you are doing as a task; see it as a service you are rendering, adding value to your world, so be excited about it.

Just Do It

  • See the work you do as primarily for yourself. The establishment where you work is the place for you to express the potentials that God has deposited in you to bless your world.
  • Give in your best per time. Everything you do is a seed you sow, which will certainly bring forth a harvest. If you don’t want the wrong harvest, sow the right seeds.
  • Whatsoever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men – Colossians 3:23


  1. I receive grace from Heaven to use my potentials to bless my world for the fulfillment of my destiny, in the Name of JESUS.
  2. In the Name of JESUS, I bring into captivity every thought and mindset that has affected my approach to work.



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