The Torn Veil

And he will destroy in this mountain the face of the covering cast over all people, and the veil that is spread over all nations.


“Until the veil is torn, a new you cannot be introduced to your world.”

Often in life, too many destinies live and die veiled. They are covered, undiscovered, they walk the face of the earth but are never known, they are captives because they are ignorant of their redemptive rights. JESUS is pained by their lives, they have made the cross of Christ of no effect, what a tragedy! Beloved, do not think too far, this is the picture of the average believer we find in our world today.

Paul the Apostle would have died veiled but for his conversion on his way to Damascus. His conversion brought about his reintroduction to himself and his world, his name was changed, and his purpose revealed. All of these could not happen until the veil was torn off his life and destiny. Joseph’s destiny would not have seen the light of day if the veil was not torn off his life through the experiences he was subjected to in a strange land far from home. Until the veil was torn for the man David, he remained at the backside of life, a shepherd boy who would have died unknown, yet, inside of him was the next king of Israel.

Friend, until the veil in the temple was torn, free access to the holy of holies was practically impossible. So it is, until that veil is torn, access cannot be granted to the people that Heaven has assigned to help and show you favour, neither can you access all that you need to access to make your life count in your journey through life.

The tearing of the veil is God introducing you to your world anew. It is not about what you have or what you can do. All your skill set, talents and gifts will amount to nothing until you are re-introduced to your world by the God of heaven. The moment the veil is removed your world will see you for who you truly are.

Just Do It

  • Sit down and critically look through your life to identify the veiled areas.
  • Get aggressive in the place of prayers for the destruction of satanic veils in those areas.


  • Every evil veil that has covered and concealed the real me from being revealed to my world, catch fire and burn to ashes, in the Name of JESUS.
  • Father, let everyone You have appointed to help me in life stand up for my help this day, by the destruction of this veil, in the mighty Name of JESUS.




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