Vision, The Key To Opening Your Way 2

Thus saith the LORD, the Holy One of Israel, and his Maker, Ask me of things to come concerning my sons, and concerning the work of my hands command ye me.

Isaiah 45:11

“Fresh ideas as to how to break through a dead end are always at the disposal of a man of vision.”

Understand that in the journey of pursuing the future set before you by God, you may experience pain, you may be bent over and turned upside down, but what to do is to ignore the pain and its surrounding circumstances because when you arrive your destination, you will forget the pain. I have come to know that the accomplishment of your vision brings you to your “Manasseh” where you can say like Joseph, “God has caused me to forget.”

Joseph, in the pursuit of the future set before him by God, suffered many things from slavery to false accusations, to imprisonment…etc. but he refused to be deterred and when he got into his glorious future, his first son was named Manasseh and he said “for God has caused me to forget” – Genesis 41:51.

When you pursue the future set before you by God with ardent commitment and without wavering, barriers will crumble before you. Why? Because;

  • Vision gives you a strong focus and with a strong focus on ground, you can pierce through a thick wall. No barrier or obstacle can deter or stop a man of focus. Ignore the pain, obstacles and barriers, they are distractions, you can break through them. If you begin to mind them now, you will lose focus and ultimately lose your vision.
  • Vision fuels your faith. You cannot see the future and walk in doubt. It takes only men of vision to do the extra ordinary, make the uncommon happen, create what was not in existence and provide solutions to the problems of their world and generation.
  • Vision delivers strength, ingenuity and creativity. A man of vision is strong. Vision gives you a burst of energy even when you are down and out. When vision disappears, life disappears. When there is no vision, the people perish, become discouraged, depressed and frustrated. Sound Divine vision usually comes with sound creativity.

Vision opens the way when once the will of the man of vision is involved, why? Because as long as there is a will, there will of necessity be a way and the stronger the will, the stronger the force to make a way. The truth is, there is power in vision to break barriers and open your way. I counsel you to get a hold of vision and get drunk with it.What do you see? What can you see? What is the future you see that you desire? Seeing the future influences everything about your life forever and keeps your way perpetually opened till JESUS returns.

Just Do It

  • Develop a strong focus for the future you see and fight off every distraction by all means
  • Pursue your vision with high level obsession


  • Whatever has kept me on the ground, hindering me from flying, let me go now!!!
  • Lord open my eyes to the vision You have for my life and let my way be opened.
  • Every assault of the enemy out to break my vision and distract me off the course of vision, scatter and burn to ashes.



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